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This time, connect most and see him with a revolting feeling spiders don't answer criticism him.
"Who come to all go."The leaf autumn doesn't matter says.
These son-of-a-bitch, you all not extremely conceited?That than you more extremely conceited good.
River Yan is purple to worry of see an autumn toward the leaf, see he toward he to nod, this just makes a noise to say:"The first, leaf the autumn is to the crazy dog.Other persons back a field."
River Yan is purple after finishing saying outside walk toward the field to, other member of team also heel at she behind to outside walk.And someone runs to clap the shoulder of going crazy the dog to inflate for he encouraging.
-----The personal character that goes crazy a dog is in front of teammate for the first time Be getting more positive.
After all, they are stations in the same front now.Although the autumn of the leaf is already a violet squad ground member, temporarily haven't been accepted by them.
The first.Crazy dog VS leaf autumn.
The crazy dog squatted down body, since the childhood the binding of leg place took up drew out two chase very thin razor blade, lightly bumped shot twice after, use the razor blade is on the finger set aside a together long long son, waited until have scarlet blood bead overflow come after, he be like the cat sort that saw Xing.One face surprise of contain into the whole finger mouth inside.
10 connects heart, the ache of finger can make people keep awake.
But drink blood------This is completely a crazy dog ground is personal bad interest.
"Depend.Don't disinfect as well."The autumn of the leaf is wrinkly to knit the brows hair.Oneself do the after meals still need to wash hands before rice, this guy unexpectedly direct disgustingly dirtily finger to fill in mouth.
The autumn of the leaf has already come to a decision, if oneself when the captain of the top violet squad, the first matter is development member of team to pay attention to a health ground habit.Forbid the finger to contain in mouth, much person, return heel 3-year-old kid's son.
If take out to go, do the other people still think that they took a flock of disabled child.He the captain of the violet youngest and capable and handsome and handsome squad leaf the autumn throw not to rise this person.
"You need not weapon?"Crazy dog on the whole is the finger is from the mouth in took out out, after loving blood facial expression excitement.Be full of the violent factor of madness in eye.
"Need not.You drink satisfied?If drinking is satisfied and then hurriedly begins.Otherwise.Foolish meeting son I knocked down you.The other people still think to is that you are anemic.Oneself faints."The autumn of the leaf makes fun of to say.
"Seek dead."The crazy dog is subjected to a leaf ground to stimulate for autumn and immediately become sign to in fact go crazy a dog.Shout at top of voice, brandished those two pieces of very thin razor blades to hurtle to come over to the leaf autumn.
Leaf autumn one face sneer at.Defective person how regardless again severe, can find out his dead cave.But Yan pleasant breeze, the leaf autumn passes several times of contact.Also having no till now can find out his ground blemish.
Probably, is river Yan purple to is his dead cave?
The slice knife that goes crazy a dog turns to namely arrive in a sudden, a knife rows toward the breast, and another one knife tied to come over to eyes in leaf autumn.
Since sign Wei, that truth that didn't retreat.
The autumn of the leaf even gave up he or she to always excel of guerrilla war, the hands together explore, the left hand captures Long Yu Feng a buttonned up a crazy dog and stab toward the razor blade of oneself's eyes, the right hand Fu tiger of a Luo man, the list clenches fist.The one punch knocks down before the crazy dog rows toward oneself the wrist elbow joint of chest that arm up.
This shot as powerful as a thunderbolt unexpectedly holds a crazy dog the hand of knife to open for shot ground inclination.Keep the left hand sting straightly raising toward oneself to go.
The crazy dog is nervous to change to recruit, hurriedly hold the knife buttons up his arm ground toward the leaf autumn that hand row pass by.The autumn of the leaf smiles to withdraw a hand.The retreating of crazy dog lightning flash sort is 3.
The first recruits and goes crazy the attack of dog to end up in nothing and also ate a not small stuffy Kui.
Not only only is a crazy dog to start re- examining a leaf by himself/herself for autumn, even beside view the violet squad of the station member of team also be hard conjecture leafing for autumn.
No wonder that the captain want to make an exception to rise him is pair captain, originally this boy is still really remarkable.Crazy dog the list pick ability in the violet squad very and violent, and fight a style also more uncanny.

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